Catalan Institute of chemical research (ICIQ)  
Telnet systems has implemented a fourth-generation wireless network that covers the network services corporate and mobile IP in all facilities of the Catalan Institute of chemical research (ICIQ), one of the main reference of the chemical research in Europe.



Vandellós City Council  

Telnet systems performs the drafting of the project and the execution of the system of control-automation –communications of the Technological Incubator Building of the Vandellòs city council, to provide the best building, energy efficiency, safety and comfort.



Art School of the Regional Council of Tarragona  



Telnet develops the renewal of the structured computer wiring for the Art School of the Regional Council of Tarragona.




Tarragona City Council  


Telnet systems carries out the maintenance of the Wifi - Wimax network that links the various civic centres and implements a system of technical alerts of the CPD in the City Council of Tarragona






Town Hall of Cambrils  


Telnet systems has made the installation of interactive terminals of public information, and the telecommunications network of optical fiber that connects the municipal buildings of the Town Hall of Cambrils.