Planta Gas Natural Campanillas - Telnet Teléfono Industrial - Telnet




Telnet systems makes the installations of the telecommunications infrastructure and communication systems of the new Combined cycle Natural Gas in Campanillas (Malaga).


The communications infrastructure installed by Telnet systems supports all current communication needs of the plant, such as network management and administrative, industrial control network, telephony, video surveillance, radio communication system and access to the Internet.


The Telnet systems installation has consisted in a structured wiring of 236 working points Cat6a UTP with 8 distributors attached with optical fiber and twisted-pair telephony wiring.


  Telnet systems has installed communications equipment to implement the computer local network IP communications service of the Plant, using switches equipped with SFP interfaces managed Cisco L3 and L2 1Gbps fiber optic and has installed the system from Avaya telephony and telephone of desktop and cordless terminals IP-DEC. The telephone system is connected with the public address system to provide the possibility of issuing emergency alerts from any phone.


Telnet systems has installed the system for professional radio by transmitters ATEX and a base station located in the security of the entrance hall.