Telnet systems makes the installations of communications infrastructure, including cabling, IP telephony and system computer network of the new offices of ALSTOM Transport in Sitges.






Alstom has relocated its offices from Sitges to a warehouse of 2 plants much more operational and functional. To equip the new headquarters of the improved communications, Alstom entrusted Telnet Systems the project and the installation of communications of the new Office.

Telnet systems has done the installation of a structured cabling UTP Cat6 that provides connectivity for voice, data and image to the Office area on the first floor and the operations located on the ground floor reception area. On this wiring Telnet systems has implemented the computer local network and IP telephony system. The IP telephony system has been done with a server (switchboard) Mitel Communications and next-generation IP telephone terminals.

The computer local network implemented by Telnet systems involves the installation of switches of level 2 (L2) with PoE, which provides the service of communication to telephone and computer terminals, as well as provide power to the phone. This system supplemented by a system of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), allows you to provide a secure and stable communications system.