Telnet systems carries out the installation of a fourth generation Wifi system in the Hospital of Mora de Ebre run by the SAGESSA group.








Telnet systems deploys new Wifi 4G network, which provides network coverage to the plant's hospitalization, with the maximum bandwidth, security and quality standards higher than wired networks and supporting critical traffic of hundreds of devices of all types, common in hospitals as the Regional Hospital of Móra d'Ebre.

One of the differential characteristics of WiFi 4G installed by Telnet systems is its architecture exclusive "single channel" which allows greater bandwidths, desaturates the network and guarantees the continuity of communication, even in movement. These features allow users of Hospital to work without problems, with large files, stream multimedia content and information to foot of the bed with maximum quality and no cuts, even in their displacement by the facilities.

One of the fundamental needs of the Hospital was to give connection to itinerant personnel, to provide up-to-date information and medical history to foot of the bed. The system installed by Telnet systems allows to easily integrate mobile devices without connection interruption and give high-speed access to doctors’ laptops, their equipment, tablets, smartphones and offering them an even better quality than the wired network connection.