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"Thanks to TELNET we managed to get the connection to access Internet to work in a regular and effective way."


Jordi Jardi - Director of the Escola d'Hoteleria i Turisme de Cambrils




Escola d'Hoteleria i Turisme de Cambrils Switches de Red Informática




Telnet systems has improved the computer network of the“Escola d'Hosteleria i Turisme of Cambrils” by optimizing existing infrastructure which consists of a wired network with 2 UTP cabinets united distributors with fiber optics and a WIFI network throughout the center. 

In September 2008, “Escola d'Hosteleria i Turisme of Cambrils”installed the new access network to the Internet. Since then, there was not a single day without congestion problems in lines, connection failure and was no longer possible to access Internet again. Various technicians, during these years, have tried different strategies to improve the operation, but it was all in vain and soon the problems did arise again.


The director of the center, Jordi Jardí exposes us the case:


'The Escola d'Hosteleria i Turisme de Cambrils wish to thank the professionalism, dedication and effectiveness of TELNET company for having been able to solve many of our problems of connection and access to Internet-intranet by both WIFI and cable’.

‘Since we contacted TELNET, we have managed to get the Internet connection working in a properly way and we have also improved the performance of the network and the speed of Internet surfing’.

Students, teachers and administration staff are currently working properly and faster. Thank you very much.'