Telnet Systems has made the installation of a communication system that integrates a WIFI system of IP video-surveillance, a system of centralized control of technical installations and public internet access to customers of Camping Vendrell Platja.



Camping Vendrell Platja Camara IP-Wifi


Public access to the internet is performed via a captive portal requesting the credentials to access the network. These credentials are sold at the reception of the campsite, which has resulted in a new line of business for the camping that allows you to amortize the cost of the entire system in a very short time. 


El The video surveillance system installed by Telnet systems controls the entire perimeter and the accesses of the campsite. It has been implemented with IP cameras day/night that include infrared illumination which use the WIFI infrastructure as a means of transmission to record the images in a digital recording system installed at the checkpoint. The system allows the camping to offer a higher level of security to their customers. It has substantially contributed to reduce theft and robbery.


Telnet Systems has installed a centralized monitoring system that allows the campsite to capture technical alarms such as; faults in boilers, water pumps or diesel fuel, and levels and/or pressures of deposits and triggering a fault signal in the checkpoint. The system is implemented using sensors of standard signals that communicate with the control center using the WIFI network. The system has enabled the camping to improve the service to its customers by significantly reducing complaints about the lack of hot water in the showers, odors produced by faults in bombs of septic tanks, the lack of water pressure pumps due to inoperable, etc.