Telnet Systems has made telecommunications facilities, public address, security and audio visual of the new Cultural Center “El Seminari” of Tarragona.



Seminario de Tarragona Armario repartidor Voz y Datos


The Archbishopric of Tarragona has rehabilitated the building of the Seminar of Tarragona to convert it into a cultural center of reference in Tarragona.


Telnet Systems has made the telecommunications facilities through the installation of the antenna system and distribution of TV, and a structured cabling and voice data UTP Cat6 with 7 cabinets distributors joined together with fiber-optic cable and 51 pair telephone cables.


Telnet Systems has made the facilities of the security system by installing an alarm system anti-intrusion and the pre-fitted for a video surveillance system.


Telnet Systems has made the installation of the audiovisual system composed by a system of general public address of the building and audiovisual facilities of the classrooms and conference rooms with video projectors, projection screens electrical, audio system and video..


The system installed by Telnet systems has been completed through the installation of a system of simultaneous translation 5 languages using infrared heaters with 3 equipped conference rooms. The room of simultaneous translation has 4 simultaneous translation booths for 2 translators, each of them equipped with a monitor to display live , any of the 3 rooms, where the conference is held.