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Telnet systems carries out the maintenance of the system of surveillance of the Clariant Ibérica production plant in Tarragona S. A. The system is composed of different wired dome cameras with fiber optic to the safety control plant center.


Maintenance services of security systems provided by Telnet systems consist in offering a solution adapted to the needs of preventive maintenance and corrective of the components of these systems.



El The corrective maintenance provided by Telnet systems refers to repair anomalies and faults, as they are produced by a hardware or software problem in CCTV installations. Telnet systems carries out the repair whenever possible, at the location of the damaged equipment and the use of original spare parts or of the same features and functionality. When unable to carry out the repair at the original location, the team removes the equipment to Telnet systems workshop, yielding material with the same characteristics or similar to the damaged. All this with the aim of guaranteeing maximum functionality of the teams with the lowest possible service interruption to users and/or affected items. To carry our to term the maintenance, Telnet systems has the support of the manufacturers of the equipment installed at CLARIANT IBÉRICA production, S.A.



In the event that a fault is motivated by external equipment such as electrical installation, etc., Telnet systems coordinates all actions requiring with different institutions involved in order to be able to resume the service as soon as possible.