Telnet systems deploys new Wifi 4G network, providing coverage of network and IP telephony to laboratories, offices and common areas of the Institute, with the maximum bandwidth, standards of safety and superior quality to wired networks and supporting traffic supporting intense traffic of hundreds of devices of all types, common in research centers such as the ICIQ.


One of the differential characteristics of WiFi 4G installed by Telnet systems is its exclusive architecture "single channel" which allows greater bandwidths, desaturates the network and guarantees the continuity of communication, even in movement. These features allow users of the Institute to work without problems, with large files, stream multimedia content and use services of IP telephony with maximum quality and no cuts, even in their internal displacement.


The Catalan Institute of chemical research ICIQ is located in a building of 3 floors in a U-shape, in which are distributed to different laboratories and offices of the institution. New WiFi 4G network is structured on different VLANS on Enterasys systems. For its part, the IP telephony system is based on a central Siemens Hipath. Telnet systems has integrated both systems with the Wifi 4G of Meru Mentworks system. In the project, Telnet systems raised to replace the Wifi 3G network existing Enterasys, by another 4G of Meru Networks technology-based, more advanced, allowing the present and future needs and incorporate new services such as IP telephony and multimedia streaming.