Telnet systems maintains since 2009 the Wifi - Wimax network of the Tarragona City Council which serves to provide IP telephony service, and access to the internet and municipal intranet of the civic centers of Torreforta, Campclar, San Pedro and San Pablo, San Salvador, Bonavista with the city council. Maintenance service includes a preventive service review of the system to anticipate decreases in the quality of communications, and a corrective service in case of interruption of the communication with response times and resolution consistent with the criticality of the service concerned.


Telnet systems has implemented the system of technical alerts of the CPD for the building of the Plaça de la Font and the Rambla of the Tarragona City Council. The system controls access, air conditioning and the flooding of the CPD, by sending an email to maintenance in the event of alarm in any of the monitored Systems. The system is complemented with a video camera surveillance which allows you to remotely monitor the CPD and a system of alerts via sound ringing in the City Hall security surveillance service which allows the City Hall security personnel to detect any alarm that occurs at any time of the day.