The new Technological Business Incubator Building of the city of Vandellòs and Hospitalet de L'Infant is an 'intelligent' building. Telnet systems designed the equipment of the building to make it energy eficient, to make it a comfortable building for its users and to offer the best available telecommunication services. 


The building consists of 6 warehouses, 1 reception hall in the ground floor, 1 mezzanine used as a Data Center, 18 offices and Multipurpose room. The Business incubator offers a space equipped to new business initiatives, allowing them to start working focused on their business without outside concerns.


Telnet systems has installed a control system based on the KNX European standard that controls lighting, climate, access, intrusion security and fire detection. It also manages the occupation of the offices, electrical consumption and access. Control system interacts with the communications system to allow remote control of the building and send incident warnings via SMS and EMail.


Telnet systems has installed a communication infrastructure based on a structured cabling in fibre to the desk, and a LAN IP network managed by policies of last generation, on which are offered services of local computer network (LAN) bandwidth of up to 10 Gb per user, IP telephony, Internet access, private Intranet access,Municipal Intranet access, IP Video surveillance System access , access to the system console control of the building, among others. The building network is integrated within the Town Hall by a link Wimax network.


The tandem KNX-lP is the core of the building intelligence. The perfect combination of both systems can integrate any current or future needs which makes the system of building control-comunicacion a living system able to adapt to any requirement.