Virtual solutions


"Integrate your voice and data networks offers many possibilities: portability, backup, disaster recovery, all those great things" - Amit Mantri, Director of Network Operations, Intrasphere Technologies, Inc.


We offer Virtual Solutions Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) for the data center and the desktop that drive cost savings, simplify IT management area and improve safety and business continuity.


Virtualized Voice Revolutionized


Based on a society tightly integrated with the virtualization leader VMware ®, our virtual solutions offer the best and indispensable virtual voice applications that allow companies the freedom to communicate as they wish, according to their own specific needs.


Voice Virtual Data Center


Manage voice just like any other application.


Imagine managing the Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) as any other commercial application in its virtual data center.

Virtual solutions enable succeed. By working together with the virtualization leader VMware ®, have joined the worlds of data and voice communications to data and applications can be in the same virtual server, allowing you to extract more from their investment in virtualization.


Manage an infrastructure, nodes


The tight integration of the management tools of Unified Communications and Collaboration with VMware vCenter ™ means you can manage all applications in the same way.


• Faster deployment of the system.

• A common management strategy for voice and data.

• Single and business continuity plan.


Unprecedented capital and operational cost savings

UCC virtualization along with other data center applications translate into increased efficiency and significant cost savings.


• Reduce and reuse of hardware (server).

• Reduction in infrastructure needs.

• Reduction in energy consumption and supply in server costs.

• Obtaining economies of scale.

Get most out of your virtualization investment

UCC solutions for virtual datacenter allow you to maximize your investment in virtualization:

• Reduced complexity

• Less resource requirements

• Less training

What would you do?

Over 70% of IT budgets go ahead and bet on maintaining the status quo. What if you could free up some of those resources to focus on strategic initiatives and improve the value of IT in your business?

Find out how with virtual UCC solutions

Virtualized Voice on Desktop

The virtualized voice on the desktop, enabling organizations to reap the benefits of adding Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) to other virtual desktop applications.

Desktop Virtualization 101

Desktop virtualization is highly significant for both IT departments and end users.

Operating systems, configuration settings and applications that traditionally ran on personal computers can, however, be located centrally on virtual servers in the data center and they can be accessed online, through the cloud.

Benefits include significant cost savings through centralized management and greater flexibility for all types of workers.

The voice on the Virtual Desktop

For technical reasons, voice applications have been traditionally excluded from the virtual desktops. Our solution allows the voice on the virtual desktop by integrating Advanced Unified Communications (AUC) with VMware View, generating significant benefits for the IT area, and end users across the organization.


Benefits for IT departments

For IT departments, virtual desktops mean voice activation:

• Centralized management.

• Less hardware updates from users' computers.

• Easier Software upgrades.

• Improved data security and applications.

Benefits for Corporate Users

For people who rely on the productivity of their desktops, virtual desktops with voice activation mean:

• Work, communicate and collaborate from anywhere.

• Easier Communications.

• Bring Your Own Device "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD).

Benefits for the Organization

For any company, the voice on the virtual desktop means:

• Lower capital and operating costs.

• Increased security and data integrity.

• Business continuance and easier disaster recovery.

• Increased productivity.

Communications in the Cloud

We offer a unique platform of cloud-ready software.

It is increasingly common for employees of large companies access to communications technology through public and private networks, that is, from "the cloud." Smaller companies are also adopting this trend and asking about cloud-based solutions to their service providers.

Whether intended for internal use or supply of services, the cloud offers the same benefits: economies of scale, unmatched flexibility and easier access to continuing advances in technology and a productivity level getting higher.

Cloud solutions available


We offer a unique platform of cloud-ready software that can be implemented through private cloud models, public or hybrid for the company or the service provider.


• The enterprise cloud. Thanks to virtual solutions, companies can offer unified communications and collaboration (UCC) for its users worldwide through their private clouds.

• The cloud service provider. By using our platform, service providers can offer their own solution based unified communications and collaboration in the cloud with central automatic private branch exchange (PBX) Customer-specific.


Election Platform


Mitel offers two different platforms to suit the types of services offered.


• Platform for service providers and large enterprises. It is ideal to offer unified communications and collaboration to a large number of smaller companies with standard UCC requirements. It is designed to provide operational efficiency, virtualization leverages itself to provide a platform for highly scalable and robust services.

• Platform for companies of all sizes and for service providers offering sophisticated UCC solutions to larger companies.


Either option will let you choose to offer your customers, their own schools and departments in the cloud PBX. We also have several certified partners for virtual datacenter, who have experience with communications solutions based on the cloud and can provide solid data centers where you can base this type of solution.


Services cloud-based communications


We offer small and medium enterprises based communications solutions in the cloud that you need to bring the company through a monthly fee.

Phones or long distance calls: Everything is hosted in the public cloud so you do not have to deal with the administration and maintenance.