Telnet Systems has performed the facilities of the network of radio communications with repeater in Port Aventura.



Port Aventura-Huracan Condor Armario Repetidor Radiocomunicación


Port Aventura had a network of radio communications with 3 repeaters located on the roof of the Grand Mayan theater. In order to improve the coverage of the network and expand it in an additional repeater channel, Port Aventura orders Telnet Systems the project to install four new radio repeaters on the roof of the attraction Hurricane Condor.


The installation has been to install four repeaters Motorola, ready to run in a channel in analog mode and in a future to be able to have two communication channels simultaneously with a single carrier in digital mode; a multi-coupler of reception. This is an active element to counteract the loss of gain at the reception and allowing us to connect multiple computers to a single recipient antenna; a beam combiner and a transmission antenna transmission and reception of UHF radio. In order to minimize the visual impact of the antennas, we have opted for the use of folded dipoles in an omnidirectional vertical polarization.



With the new infrastructure of radio systems installed by Telnet, Port Aventura has coverage for the portable stations (Walkie Talkie) of four radio channels in all its facilities, which includes hotels, golf courses and the beach club.