Virtual Telephony
Cost reduction


Improved productivity


Unified communications
Internet access
Very high speed


Symmetric access


97% Guarantee
Wifi Solutions
High density




Optimization Application

Telnet provides a complete turnkey service, which provides solutions base on IP technology generation that optimizes resources and speeds and provides addesd value to the production processes of organizations./p>


Telnet designes around the communications system taking into account the current and future needs and makes the correct installation commissioning, provides information and user training, implements a management system and provides proper maintenance of all systems.



Telnet quality objective
  • Offer flexible solutions, easy to use, to suit customer's current requirements and to enviromental characteristics and allow changes and additions to anticipate future needs.

  • Use only approved materials and equipment from leading manufacturers of high and long lasting technical characteristics.

  •  Provide a system warranty and maintenance to ensure continuity of service and provide seamless customer information for easy use and management of your system.

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Quality Warranty

We do the services with our own staff, trained to ensure adequate levels of quality and give quick responses to customers.



Warranty Service

We offer an after sale customer service to suit the client's needs, to ensure continuity of communications.